Anonymous: where are some good places to get haircuts in houston?

I’m not really sure, dear! 

Alys’ and my(It’s Hina btw) mother is a hairstylist so we haven’t ever ventured farther than our living room to seek a hairstylist!

But I’ve heard that Do or Dye Salon is really good!

I hope that helped! And I’m extremely sorry we haven’t replied in such a long while!




♥♥♥ Alys and my OotD!♥♥♥

Hina and Alys’ new blog:

Hello everyone~!

Alys and I have decided to open a new blog for ourselves because we follow other styles besides Ulzzang fashion, therefore we didn’t want to clog this blog with unrelated posts!

So, if you’d like to follow us we’ll be at

We hope to receive your support! ♥


Hina & Alys

A Definitive List of Links and Resources

♪♫ This document contains links to online make-up shops, brands, video tutorials,and blog posts concerning Ulzzang fashion. This will also also contain locations of stores in the Houston area that can serve as resource to obtain beauty and fashion products. Please feel free to add links/addresses in the comment area below because our admins need to approve said links and addresses before adding them for the sake of precision and order. Thank you and enjoy! ♪♫

L I N K S:

♪ Online Make-Up Stores:

♪ Make-Up Tutorials:

♪ Blog or Entries on Ulzzang Fashion & Product Reviews:

*Note: Underlined titles will contain Product Reviews!

♪ Clothing Brands

*Note: if marked with an asterisk then the brand is for boys or tomboys!

H O U S T O N A R E A A D D R E S S E S:

  • Nonno Houston: 1641 Westheimer Ste 1, Houston, TX 77006
  • American Apparel: 1665 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
  • FIT: 9889 Bellaire Blvd, Ste 251, Houston, TX 77036
Anonymous: Yall are all so cute! i was wondering is Shiari part Korean? or half asian of something

Haha Hi Anon! Thanks so much! (from all of us!)
As for your question….I never answer it! :D This is a very frequently asked question…like literally all the time, but just for fun, I never answer haha. (It’s kind of a thing I’ve been doing since middle school) I just try to seem mysterious, although I think it has been mentioned before…plus I guess it really isn’t soooo difficult to figure out :D So, what I tell almost everyone else,  you’re free to think whatever you want! ^_~

Happy guessing!~

-美夏月シアリ (Shiari Mikazuki)

Elizabeth & Hina @ HKF 2013

Anatomical look at ♥Ulzzang♥ make-up: Part 1: Eyes!

♫♪ 안녕하세요 여러분~ ♫♪

Today we’ll be looking at Ulzzang eyes in our Anatomical Make-up series! This means that we’ll take a closer look at different features and pinpoint its details in order to improve our knowledge and translate that into our own make-up~♥ With that said, remember I’m only making observations based on my research of Ulzzang make-up! My comments are not absolute!  알았어요?

Ulzzang make-up is intricate in its on right. There are lots of different ways of achieving Ulzzang make-up as demonstrated by our worldwide community. However, there is a definite aesthetic that must be achieved in order to classify it as Ulzzang. It definitely draws inspiration from porcelain dolls as well as anime characters. Keeping that in mind,  let’s begin our analysis, shall we? 

Circle Lenses: Cirlcle lenses come in a variety of colors, designs, prescriptions, and sizes! Large eyes are a positive trait therefore we want to make our eyes as big as we can! Circle lenses help us create the illusion of larger eyes by enlarging our Irises and our pupils! I would say it is a must when it comes to Ulzzang make-up!

♥ Colors: while most K-Ulzzangs opt for natural colors, it doesn’t really affect the results to wear unusual colors. As a recommendation, it should match the kind of sub-style you’re trying to achieve!  

♥ Design: Flowers, stars, gradient or uni-colored, circle lenses seem to have every kind of model! Please consider your design well! Remember, simple sometimes looks more natural~

♥ Prescriptions: Yes, it’s true! You can wear circle lenses instead of regular glasses! Alys and I both wear prescription circle lenses everyday and they’re quite comfortable, this doesn’t mean that it will apply to you but see if it does! Health comes before beauty so please keep that in mind while making your decision.

♥ Sizes: This is suuuuuuuper important! The bigger your eyes are the larger your circle lenses’ diameter should be! Normally larger eyes wear 15 mm and above, while medium to small could wear 14.8 to 14.2. Circle lenses are supposed to increase the size of your iris so choose well~ There’s no problem in experimenting with sizes, it’ll give you a wide range of looks!


• Eyeliner: Ulzzang eyes have very a very distinct shape! The ideal shape could be described as being half a flower petal… Did I lose you? Hmm… How to describe it better…

♥ Yoon Ara is famous for her make-up technique! She has appeared in various Style & Fashion programs in South Korea as well as being part of the cast of Ulzzang Shidae! As you can see in the pictures below her eye shape is like a half lemon… Was this simile not very clear either?… What I mean is that the eye must be lined to look round and extended! 


♥ As you can see in these four pictures she uses different eyeliner applications to give her eyes a rounded and wide look! 

♥So don’t be afraid to extend your eye with eyeliner! And whether or not you compliment it with a lower lash-line line is up to you!

Aegyo sal (애교살): Many of you may have noticed but Ulzzangs have little bags under their eyes, they are called aegyo sal! Koreans think that aegyo sal make your eyes look cute and child-like. Of course, some people have natural ones but it is possible to create your own!

♥If you do have aegyo sal: You may want to accentuate them by putting a bit of brown eyeshadow underneath them~ and white highlight powder on them!

♥If you don’t have aegyo sal: you can use eyelid tape to create them!

This concludes the first part of the Ulzzang make-up special~



Pretty girl @ HKF 2013